Blitz Embroidered Badge - Kyokushin

  • Ideal for clubs or adding to your collection
  • Kyokushin is Japanese for The Ultimate Truth
  • Multiple rows of vibrant blue and white stitching
  • Can be sewn or ironed on
  • 7.5cm wide x 15cm high
Ideal for clubs, adding a patch to your gi or an addition to your collection, the embroidered Kyokushin badge is made from multiple rows of vibrant blue and white stitching. Kyokushin is Japanese for 'The Ultimate Truth' with the philosophy of self-improvement , discipline and hard training. Featuring a smooth white, overlock stitch finish on the edge, the patch can either be sewn or ironed on. By placing the patch in the desired location, there is an option to cover the patch with a piece of cloth and use a hot iron for approximately 20 seconds without the steam feature to seal the badge where required. Dimensions: 7.5cm wide x 15cm high.
Price: £3.99