Bokken Case

Black P.U material with red felt inner lining and zip end fastening. Holds up to one bokken with tsuba.
Price: £25.50

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by Jennifer Jarvis on Thursday, 3rd November 2005 at 17:00

Good item. The bokken i brought for this fits good! with the tsuba on!. only problem i think is the price Blitz has it at £12 odd. i think WKC would get more orders on this if they lowered it down in price for what it is.

WKC Response:
We are pleased that the reviewer likes the quality but were quite surprised our price was higher than that direct from Blitz. Ordinarily, ALL of our prices are lower but, on occasion, Blitz offer "specials" that can undercut us. We checked out the price and it was lower than we can purchase the item on this occasion - Can't win them all I suppose!
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